zondag 1 mei 2011

Sleep paralysis

this occurs when your ‘mind system’ within your human physical body still ‘sleeps’ – but you ‘wake up’ without the mind system and therefore cannot move.

Let me explain:

Human beings at the moment exist as follows: You as ‘who you are’ exist within and as the mind system – the mind system is a system that exist within and as the human physical body which human beings believe to be ‘who they are’ – when it is not. It is ‘you as who you are’ that is ‘generating’ / ‘powering’ the existence of this mind system through participating in thoughts/feelings and emotions – instead of existing here one and equal with and as the human physical body. Thus – human beings exist in separation with themselves, within themselves due to the mind system, thus at the moment you exist in ‘three parts’ which is your mind system, your human physical body and you within and as the mind system – thus, you as ‘who you are’ exist in separation of the human physical body – because you as ‘who you are’ exist within and as the mind system within the human physical body – instead of one and equal with and as the human physical body.


You as ‘who you are’ – that ‘part of you’ within the mind-system does not sleep, it is the mind system that ‘sleeps’ – and sleep paralysis occurs when you as ‘who you are’ ‘wake up’ within the mind system, while the mind system is still ‘asleep’ – and the mind system is integrated within and as the human physical body – the mind system at the moment ‘controls’ the human physical body because it’s completely integrated within it. And when you as ‘who you are’ – that which ‘powers/generates’ the mind system – ‘wakes up separately from the mind-system’, / ‘wakes up before the mind system does’ – this is what cause ‘sleep paralysis’.

Thus – we are here, assisting and supporting each one, so each one may assist and support themselves to stop participation in the mind-system – because it is in stopping participation in the mind-system that you no more ‘power and charge it’s existence’ – to realise who you really are within and as you – to stand one and equal as the human physical body as life and no more exist as a mind system in separation.

A suggestion would be to when sleep paralysis occurs – to stabilize you, meaning to not go into reactions/fears – but be aware of you here – as you assist and support you within this process in stopping participation in the mind and at the same time realising you as who you are – the sleep paralysis will eventually be no more.

For further perspective – here is a discussion on the Forum of the website with regards to sleep paralysis:

Question Quote:

‘Can you provide some perspective on what is "Sleep Paralysis"? Moments where you are close to get sleep or recently waking up and where you cannot move, breathing is difficult you cannot scream and you can see the room where your are sleeping ? I have had this symptoms for ever accompanied with interesting images of all sort of things when I reach this state as well as with projections outside of my body. I learnt from you there is no more demon. About 20 min. ago I experience this "sleep paralysis" again and so one little creature about 30 cm similar to a bat but uglier scratching in my window and attacking me in y forehead. Is this a mind projection? what should I be forgiving here?’

Perspective Quote:
‘I had these experiences about 24 years back--it at the time was quite a challenge--its like you are awake, but could not speak--I would turn in my body--but could not move the body--fascinating stuff
so--stabilize yourself when this happen--observe all images and fears--and do self honest forgiveness on it and then will yourself awake--this may continue till you have transcended the fears it is not uncommon--but most never speak of it--look--it is you waking--but the mind system still sleeping--quite cool to use this to really face yourself and realise that somehow--lolol--there are two in the body--you and your mind system--and only one is enough’

Read all about it on the Desteni forums

zondag 17 april 2011

Another gender - different appearance

I have had many dreams myself, about being a man, or looking completely different than I do in real life.
In one dream I was a construction worker (male), in another I was a little girl, and in another dream I was disformed.

Dreams can create various scenario's, and it alwasy reflects who we are and who we allow ourselves to be.

So whenever you experience a dream that you switch gender, or age group, or appearance... check your own reactions.
How are you feeling about it, how do you experience yourself, what do you think, what memories come up, what judgements do you hold, are you more or less comfortable with yourself, what are you thinking about what others think etc...

All those answers you give to questions such as those, will reveal to you who you accept yourself to be - and if you allow limitation to exist within yourself.

Because if you change according to the way you look, then it means who you are is not stable and a true expression, it is dependant on the picture you portray to this world - and thus when you lose that picture, you will lose "yourself" and may go into emotional ups and downs for example.

As soon as an emotional reaction comes up, you know you have placed an idea and judgement upon the physical, no matter what form. If you feel good about it, it means you judge it as superior, if you feel bad, it means you judge it as inferior. Based on hose judgements, you feelings will change and direct you. Make you go into depression, or self-loathing, or frustration, anger, superiority etc...
Experiences that toss you around like a playball and thus do not serve you, or the greater good in any way. If you look at the outplays of that within this entire world, you see how abusive it really is.

A very interesting topic on the desteni website:

This is what is required to be understood: What is it that determines us being that of male or female defined?

  • The structure of the human physical body as having a vagina and breasts or penis?
  • The voice?
  • The ‘description’ of one’s ‘self-definition’ as being poised, graceful, feminine/manly, controlled, dominant, masculine?
  • The picture one see with your human physical eyes within the mirror?
Though – all of this is ‘outside descriptive manifestations’ – and male and female is but ‘section-designs’ within the mind consciousness system – dependent on the structure-design of your human physical body as having a vagina and breasts or penis – either your feminine section or male section within the mind consciousness system will ‘activate and develop’ – so the definition of beings being male or female is dependent on the section-activation development of the mind consciousness system and the pictured-formation structure design of the human physical body as having a vagina and breasts or penis.

So – are you defined as ‘who you are’ or ‘how you are’ according to having a penis or breasts and vagina, defined according to the particular structured formation-design of the human physical body within which you experience yourself?

Does your structured formation-design of the human physical body determine ‘how you experience you’, determine your self-definition, determine ‘how you are’?

I am a female because my body has breasts and a vagina and is female, therefore, I will be and behave as a female – my body-design determine how and who I am as female-defined.

I am a male because my body has a penis and thus is male, therefore, I will be and behave as a male – my body-design determine how and who I am as male-defined.

Are you defined according to your voice being that of ‘female’ or ‘male’?

I am a female because my voice is female, therefore, I will be and behave as a female – my voice determine how and who I am as female-defined.

I am a male because my voice is male, therefore, I will be and behave as a male – my voice determine how and who I am as male-defined.

Because of my body-design and my voice – I am a male and therefore I am ‘manly, strong, dominant and masculine’ and I will define and experience me as a ‘male’.

Because of my body-design and my voice – I am a female and therefore I am ‘feminine, poised, graceful and soft’ and I will define and experience me as a ‘female’.

See – have a look: Human beings become self-defined according to being male or female based on voice, looks and bodily design and the very definition of what it is to be ‘male and female’ – meaning experiencing themselves according to the description of that of male and female.

Though – aren’t guys and lesbians within this world, this reality revealing/showing something important? That being male or female is not determined by human physical body structured design – but by the mind consciousness system design within and as the human physical body – experiencing themselves as a male ‘trapped’ within a female human physical body?

What happens if the mind consciousness system design’s male-section activate and develop within a female human physical body = the being within and as the mind consciousness system experience themselves as being attracted to females – taking on the ‘male-perspective’ within and as themselves.

Therefore, it’s when human beings define themselves according to the mind in general – and according to their structured physical manifested design – that determine them being self-defined according to that of ‘male and female’.

Take away your human physical body structured design – take away the entire definition of that of male and female – take away the definition of voice being that of male or female - take away all pictures related to that of male and female: Who are you? How do you experience you?

See, the ‘point’ I am making here is that being ‘male or female’ – the very definition thereof within and as beings are according to a mind consciousness system section-activation development, the structured formation-design of a human physical body, the voice, the appearance and looks – and the very description as that of being male or female. Though = all of this is separation.

All human physical bodies are exactly the same – it’s only the structured design thereof that differs – all beings are exactly the same – it’s only the mind consciousness system design that differs.

Therefore it is to release the entire everything and all that defines self according to being male or female – literally everything, to not be that of male or female – for it is the very definition of self as being male or female that is the primary ‘connector’ to the foundation-design of the mind consciousness system – and also relationships towards others.

That which is ‘hindering’ and ‘separating’ beings from one another is also the very self-defined existence of beings, being ‘male’ or ‘female’ – where males and females exist in separation based on their self-defined existence as that of being male/female – take that away within self – the entire self-defined existence of being male/female – and a door opens within self to stand one and equal with and as self and, thus, others as self.

So – stop the conflict within you – and thus within your world – by disentangling and stopping your entire self-defined existence as being male/female and even the experiences and definitions and descriptions of the very words as that of being male/female.


To add: See - it's not about standing one and equal with the structured formation-design of the human physical body as being 'male' or 'female' – no – it's about standing one and equal with and as the human physical body itself – not the definition given to the human physical body.

And people's experiences with gender :http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=12837&hilit=gender

The desteni I process is an effective way of becoming your own direction within and without your dreams - making sure you can analyse yourself and your life to create the best life for yourself and others as possible - together with having financial stability.

dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Forgetting - missing the train

Let's say you are near a railway station, where you have to take the train to get somewhere. You are doing multiple things and are distracted and time after time you miss the train for some reason.
This would show you that you are allowing distractions to divert you from your "route". That you are no longer directing yourself, but being directed and in that way "missing the train". We can easily get lost in distractions in our everyday life. So pinpoint your distraction, that divert your attention away from being here, or your stability.

For example:
Pretty images in magazines. May create either fantasies in your head, or desires, maybe even self-loathing and fear. Maybe a whole plan on how to look that way. It is your mind, which you use to judge yourself for not looking a certain way, or when you are a male, to go into sexual desires and projections of sexual intercourse.
It is not real, and it drags us away from what is here. It is also often used for people to ignore the reality of this world, the abuse, the inequality, and pre-occupy them with superficial things that trigger the emotions.
It is not real. It is only real for you when you allow it to influence you. Ask yourself why you desire to look that way, or why  you desire to be with such a lady. Why do you judge such a picture as better then your picture. Realize the cultural bias within it, and how different cultures have different beauty standards.
It does not serve you to judge yourself on your image - accept your human body and take care of it. Stop the judgment because it does you only harm.
Also this system is designed to distract people from the real truth. How the system allows and creates abuse and exploitation. (for info check out http://www.theatomdecides.blogspot.com/ ) . It keeps people busy to consume and work, to keep the system making profit and keep people from being to busy to really realize wtf is going on.

So look at what is distracting you in your life. What draws your attention, and if you allow yourself to follow the pop up thoughts and fantasies in your mind.
This can also apply to dreaming that you are going somewhere but you realize you forgot something.
Ask yourself what is it that you are forgetting and how do you experience yourself when realizing you forgot it? Does it trigger emotions within you? what does it do? For any help you can leave a comment and I will assist with the explanation.
This can also be part of the "distraction" point, because you may have been distracted with other things and therefore forgot something.
Very often dreaming about forgetting things is simply a sign that we need to slow down and start paying more attention to things.   It’s possible that you recently forgot something or almost forgot something and the frustration of that incident carried over into your dream.
Stop the frustration or the irritation or disappointment. See why it is triggered, what are the thoughts in your mind, the memories etc... that bring it out. Write it down, Forgive yourself and let go. If you go into emotional turmoil, stop the thoughts and breath slowly and aware.
Video on living self forgiveness:
Forgetting things isn’t a sign of losing your memory or even of getting old – most of the time it’s simply a sign that you’re too busy or that you aren’t paying as much attention. People of all ages forget, also small children. It is the motions and reactions that we have to deal with. Or the emotions and thoughts that has triggered it in the first place.  It may be part of a lazy habit we get in, for example at home. Or going on auto-pilot instead of being here in the moment, present, without "losing yourself" in your head.
If you are for example forgetting to feed your beloved pet
This shows you your worry that you are neglecting something or someone that you care about. Simply ask yourself if it is true or not. Look in your life, and if you are doing this for real. If so, write down the reasons and correct yourself.
If not, let go of the fear and guilt, write down for yourself why you think this and all the thoughts and memories that come up inside your mind - so that you can see the construct of it for yourself and can stop it.
Maybe you are also very busy and have a fear inside you that you will forget important things.
If you have a busy life, I suggest to make a list about the things that you definitely need to do in a day or a week, and put it on a spot where you see it often. So that way, no matter how busy you are, you can make sure what has to be done is done. Without getting stressed over it. use it as a practical help.

donderdag 17 maart 2011

Dying or death in a dream

When you dream of someone you love dying
This can be your pet, mother, child etc...The dream is presenting your fear of losing your companions with which you share unique intimacy.
In the dream you are facing your fear of loss, the fear of loosing what you experience when you have them/him/her in your life. See where this affects your everyday life, does it pre-occupy your thoughts? What are you doing based on fear of loosing someone?

Often people will compromise themselves, for the sake of keeping someone they love close to them. This may be unsupportive for the being itself and the other. A mom that keeps pampering her son, giving him what he wants, doing everything he asks and does not want to do himself ... is keeping the son within a position where he will not take direction over himself and his own life. He will learn to use others to do things for him, and not be responsible for who he is and what he has to do.

suggest self forgiveness to diffuse the construct and consider where a want or need exist .
(Self forgiveness - Why do Self forgiveness)

Dreaming of dying
What dreams reveal is that which you've suppressed yet it exists within you. If there are still reactions in your dreams to death it implies that you haven't actually dealt with such Fear and consider it as non/existent which I suggest you look at because it is one of the inherent fears in every human being, denying it is part of suppressing it.

Take a look at the death of yourself within the dream. What were you thinking, how did you feel? It can be an outflow of your fear of dying, or a part of yourself dying. Losing the definition of who you are in your current situation. Reveal your fears to yourself so that you may see where it comes from/what is behind them. Even if you are not consciously aware of such a fear - when you do fear it within your dream for example, it means that the fear of death is within you on a subconscious level.

Dying in a dream can also be a symbol for ending a certain path, a certain lifestyle, a certain personality which kept you "trapped". It can be a form of letting go.

When you are dreaming of desiring to die, or being happy that you are doing to die - this may indicate depression. It may as well be part of an escape from a dangerous situation.
For example when you dream about being warned for a certain nuclear explosion which will kill you slowly and painfull - and in your dream you are trying to look for a gun to kill yourself so you dont have to undergo the painfull death predicted in the dream.

What this may show you is the fear of pain, fear of suffering. As well as believing others, following conspiracies or assumptions. Look within your life where you will do what is harmfull for yourself, or others, based on what anothers has told you and which you have accepted as true without certainty. Because the warning could as well be false - but in the dream you have decided to follow it and act upon it, even decided to kill yourself.

We often do this in our lives, by acting on a survival instinct programmed within us, because it "has been told". We loose all self-direction and act in ways that are not best for ourselves or others. It can cause us to have harmfull thoughts, or compromising thoughts toward ourselves and others. Like for example when you think someone is gossiping about you, and you think about it a lot and what they may say and how you can respond to it etc... It will control you, and show you that you care more about believes in your mind then about the reality. And that you are using ohers opinions to go into a certain experience - instead of realising that others judgements are not personal, they are always about the person judging. Because it should not change you wether a person gossips about you or not - unless you see their gossip as being of some kind of worth. When you allow it to have power over you - you give it strenght and dominance. If you dont, then you remain your own strenght - where you do not let another define who you are.

A warning with this, is to not go into the believe that who you currently are is good and you should remain that way. Every one of us is programmed in a specific way depending on our environment and the people we have been raised with, and various other influences such as for example school and media. Thus it is important to not let judgement and gossip decide who we are - but look at ourselves, in self honesty, and realise who we are for real. Even when the gossipers are right, it does not approve of their gossip, because gossip serves no purpose but to devide and talk shit. So it is important to realise who you are for yourself, to investigate yourself and start to direct yourself in your life. You can then find out your own programming, and what the outflows of it is. Not as a reaction to gossip, but as a responds to self-realisation.
Because some people will go into resistance and denial because of gossip - this is also what can control you. Because then you also give gossipers control over who you are, by going into an opposit reaction of denial and stubborness.
The point is thus to not react to the gossip, breath and let it go. And unconditionally for yourself look at who you are.

in short:- going into resistance and stubborness because of gossipers, saying "I am fine just the way I am", without being self-honest.
- thinking gossipers are right and feeling sorry for self.

Are both reactions that give the gossip power over you.

A cool documents about Self-honesty:

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Being chased or chasing

When you are dreaming about being chased, it can mean various things.

It can be Fears of the past chasing you – For example if you are dreaming about animals chasing you: the animals represents your fears from the past still chasing you within yourself from which you are attempting to run away from – Then you have to look within your dream if you are seeing familiar persons or events. When you are dreaming about a past house / environment / mother / grandmother etc... Look at yourself in relation to those things. Is there something or someone you have been running away from, or feeling afraid off/seeing as a threat?
Or is someone from the past, or memories you have about them or it, chasing you still today?  What or who re you allowing to chase you?

So, more specifically: Still memories of the past within you related to fear, existing inside you, from which you are trying to run away from inside yourself, through suppressing them, because they still influence/define ‘who you are’.
Suggestion: Have a look at what occurrences of your past still influence you here as you experience you here  . Write it down for yourself, on paper or on a pc document so you can lay it out for yourself. To see all the patterns and memories or connections that you can make for yourself.

The dream also assisted you to realise for you – not to fear your past, but to face it and let it go unconditionally.
At the moment - I'd say your mind's got 'jurisdiction' over you - deciding for you whether you're ready or not - and, within my experience with the mind - the mind has infinite variations of excuses as reasons and justifications to just not be ready. Hell - you may even wait for yourself for the remainder of your life - until you realise: Oh - shit - I decide for me when I am ready, and I must move me to apply me - the mind's sure as hell not going to do it for me.
A slave of the mind - waiting for yourself to be ready...
Being chased can also be a secret desire, a desire of being chased after, being "hunted", or being a victim. Check your feelings within the dream. Are you enjoying it or are you fearing it?

So being chased can come from:-Fear of an experience from the past, a person from the past, an object or being that you fear in the present, -allowing something to follow you and determin who you are
-A manifesting desire

Chasing another

Ask yourself what are you running after? What is it that you want to achieve and get as fast as possible?
Do you experience something or someone to be "out of reach" ?

It can indicate that you are trying to catch up with something you believe is bigger/faster then yourself. It can be part of the ego of wanting to win aswell. It can be towards a specific person that you feel is going faster then you or is leaving you behind. This can be connected to the fear of loss.

Fear of loss comes from accepting yourself to not accept yourself unconditionally - but basing your self-experience on what another makes you feel. Where you require the other to "fulfill" you , and when the other is going, you experience fear or depression for example. Will you allow yourself to be a slave to the fear of loosing something or someone? Ask yourself why are you fearing it, does it contribute to your life or that of another?
If someone abandons you, there is nothing you can do about it - the only thing you have control over is yourself and who you are within the moment. To make a stand and not be a subject to emotions that come out of the fear of loss. Because it would not serve you and will only make you experience pain.
If you are comfortable with who you are, and accept yourself, then you will not loose yourself when another leaves you.

Fear of loss can be towards objects or people. It can even be towards memories.
So always look at who or what you are dreaming about, and connect that to your experience, your thoughts and your feelings to find out what you are communicating to yourself through your dreams.

About the fear of loss:

When you are chasing someone it can also indicate a hero or saviour-construct. Like a dream you create where you are a superhero chasing a villain. Know that all what is in your dreams - is your creation. So you have created the scenario in the dream to play out. Which would indicate a desire for being a hero or desiring to be seen in a similar way by others, as a saviour.

Self-honesty is the key to getting to know yourself through your dreams.
To be brutally honest about what you think and feel. Because else you will make excuses and justifications for why you for example desire to be seen as a great person.

An awesome online course is the desteni I process, where you peel away the layers of yourself to see who you really are, and what controls this existince. So that we can start to live in harmony with each other, creating a better world for all of us, starting by self-change.

maandag 14 maart 2011

This blog

Our dreams don't lie - they show us who we are or who we are able to be. It is a tool for us to look at what we currently accept within ourselves.

This blog will explain what all the dream symbols and events mean, and how you can learn to interpret them yourself. No Freud stuff, or hocus pocus, no assumptions or believes. The dreamer itself is the best one to find out what the dreams actually say about oneself. The understanding and explanation will help you to direct yourself in your life – which will also have an effect on the way you dream and what you dream about.

Forgetting something, not being able to run, being stuck in a room, being chased, flying, underwater breathing, dying, saving someone, fire etc… The dream world is as varied as our waking world.

Night fears or sleeping problems will also be handled within this blog.
If you have a request or question, feel free to contact me or leave a reply on one of the blog posts.