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Dying or death in a dream

When you dream of someone you love dying
This can be your pet, mother, child etc...The dream is presenting your fear of losing your companions with which you share unique intimacy.
In the dream you are facing your fear of loss, the fear of loosing what you experience when you have them/him/her in your life. See where this affects your everyday life, does it pre-occupy your thoughts? What are you doing based on fear of loosing someone?

Often people will compromise themselves, for the sake of keeping someone they love close to them. This may be unsupportive for the being itself and the other. A mom that keeps pampering her son, giving him what he wants, doing everything he asks and does not want to do himself ... is keeping the son within a position where he will not take direction over himself and his own life. He will learn to use others to do things for him, and not be responsible for who he is and what he has to do.

suggest self forgiveness to diffuse the construct and consider where a want or need exist .
(Self forgiveness - Why do Self forgiveness)

Dreaming of dying
What dreams reveal is that which you've suppressed yet it exists within you. If there are still reactions in your dreams to death it implies that you haven't actually dealt with such Fear and consider it as non/existent which I suggest you look at because it is one of the inherent fears in every human being, denying it is part of suppressing it.

Take a look at the death of yourself within the dream. What were you thinking, how did you feel? It can be an outflow of your fear of dying, or a part of yourself dying. Losing the definition of who you are in your current situation. Reveal your fears to yourself so that you may see where it comes from/what is behind them. Even if you are not consciously aware of such a fear - when you do fear it within your dream for example, it means that the fear of death is within you on a subconscious level.

Dying in a dream can also be a symbol for ending a certain path, a certain lifestyle, a certain personality which kept you "trapped". It can be a form of letting go.

When you are dreaming of desiring to die, or being happy that you are doing to die - this may indicate depression. It may as well be part of an escape from a dangerous situation.
For example when you dream about being warned for a certain nuclear explosion which will kill you slowly and painfull - and in your dream you are trying to look for a gun to kill yourself so you dont have to undergo the painfull death predicted in the dream.

What this may show you is the fear of pain, fear of suffering. As well as believing others, following conspiracies or assumptions. Look within your life where you will do what is harmfull for yourself, or others, based on what anothers has told you and which you have accepted as true without certainty. Because the warning could as well be false - but in the dream you have decided to follow it and act upon it, even decided to kill yourself.

We often do this in our lives, by acting on a survival instinct programmed within us, because it "has been told". We loose all self-direction and act in ways that are not best for ourselves or others. It can cause us to have harmfull thoughts, or compromising thoughts toward ourselves and others. Like for example when you think someone is gossiping about you, and you think about it a lot and what they may say and how you can respond to it etc... It will control you, and show you that you care more about believes in your mind then about the reality. And that you are using ohers opinions to go into a certain experience - instead of realising that others judgements are not personal, they are always about the person judging. Because it should not change you wether a person gossips about you or not - unless you see their gossip as being of some kind of worth. When you allow it to have power over you - you give it strenght and dominance. If you dont, then you remain your own strenght - where you do not let another define who you are.

A warning with this, is to not go into the believe that who you currently are is good and you should remain that way. Every one of us is programmed in a specific way depending on our environment and the people we have been raised with, and various other influences such as for example school and media. Thus it is important to not let judgement and gossip decide who we are - but look at ourselves, in self honesty, and realise who we are for real. Even when the gossipers are right, it does not approve of their gossip, because gossip serves no purpose but to devide and talk shit. So it is important to realise who you are for yourself, to investigate yourself and start to direct yourself in your life. You can then find out your own programming, and what the outflows of it is. Not as a reaction to gossip, but as a responds to self-realisation.
Because some people will go into resistance and denial because of gossip - this is also what can control you. Because then you also give gossipers control over who you are, by going into an opposit reaction of denial and stubborness.
The point is thus to not react to the gossip, breath and let it go. And unconditionally for yourself look at who you are.

in short:- going into resistance and stubborness because of gossipers, saying "I am fine just the way I am", without being self-honest.
- thinking gossipers are right and feeling sorry for self.

Are both reactions that give the gossip power over you.

A cool documents about Self-honesty:

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