maandag 14 maart 2011

This blog

Our dreams don't lie - they show us who we are or who we are able to be. It is a tool for us to look at what we currently accept within ourselves.

This blog will explain what all the dream symbols and events mean, and how you can learn to interpret them yourself. No Freud stuff, or hocus pocus, no assumptions or believes. The dreamer itself is the best one to find out what the dreams actually say about oneself. The understanding and explanation will help you to direct yourself in your life – which will also have an effect on the way you dream and what you dream about.

Forgetting something, not being able to run, being stuck in a room, being chased, flying, underwater breathing, dying, saving someone, fire etc… The dream world is as varied as our waking world.

Night fears or sleeping problems will also be handled within this blog.
If you have a request or question, feel free to contact me or leave a reply on one of the blog posts.


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