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Being chased or chasing

When you are dreaming about being chased, it can mean various things.

It can be Fears of the past chasing you – For example if you are dreaming about animals chasing you: the animals represents your fears from the past still chasing you within yourself from which you are attempting to run away from – Then you have to look within your dream if you are seeing familiar persons or events. When you are dreaming about a past house / environment / mother / grandmother etc... Look at yourself in relation to those things. Is there something or someone you have been running away from, or feeling afraid off/seeing as a threat?
Or is someone from the past, or memories you have about them or it, chasing you still today?  What or who re you allowing to chase you?

So, more specifically: Still memories of the past within you related to fear, existing inside you, from which you are trying to run away from inside yourself, through suppressing them, because they still influence/define ‘who you are’.
Suggestion: Have a look at what occurrences of your past still influence you here as you experience you here  . Write it down for yourself, on paper or on a pc document so you can lay it out for yourself. To see all the patterns and memories or connections that you can make for yourself.

The dream also assisted you to realise for you – not to fear your past, but to face it and let it go unconditionally.
At the moment - I'd say your mind's got 'jurisdiction' over you - deciding for you whether you're ready or not - and, within my experience with the mind - the mind has infinite variations of excuses as reasons and justifications to just not be ready. Hell - you may even wait for yourself for the remainder of your life - until you realise: Oh - shit - I decide for me when I am ready, and I must move me to apply me - the mind's sure as hell not going to do it for me.
A slave of the mind - waiting for yourself to be ready...
Being chased can also be a secret desire, a desire of being chased after, being "hunted", or being a victim. Check your feelings within the dream. Are you enjoying it or are you fearing it?

So being chased can come from:-Fear of an experience from the past, a person from the past, an object or being that you fear in the present, -allowing something to follow you and determin who you are
-A manifesting desire

Chasing another

Ask yourself what are you running after? What is it that you want to achieve and get as fast as possible?
Do you experience something or someone to be "out of reach" ?

It can indicate that you are trying to catch up with something you believe is bigger/faster then yourself. It can be part of the ego of wanting to win aswell. It can be towards a specific person that you feel is going faster then you or is leaving you behind. This can be connected to the fear of loss.

Fear of loss comes from accepting yourself to not accept yourself unconditionally - but basing your self-experience on what another makes you feel. Where you require the other to "fulfill" you , and when the other is going, you experience fear or depression for example. Will you allow yourself to be a slave to the fear of loosing something or someone? Ask yourself why are you fearing it, does it contribute to your life or that of another?
If someone abandons you, there is nothing you can do about it - the only thing you have control over is yourself and who you are within the moment. To make a stand and not be a subject to emotions that come out of the fear of loss. Because it would not serve you and will only make you experience pain.
If you are comfortable with who you are, and accept yourself, then you will not loose yourself when another leaves you.

Fear of loss can be towards objects or people. It can even be towards memories.
So always look at who or what you are dreaming about, and connect that to your experience, your thoughts and your feelings to find out what you are communicating to yourself through your dreams.

About the fear of loss:

When you are chasing someone it can also indicate a hero or saviour-construct. Like a dream you create where you are a superhero chasing a villain. Know that all what is in your dreams - is your creation. So you have created the scenario in the dream to play out. Which would indicate a desire for being a hero or desiring to be seen in a similar way by others, as a saviour.

Self-honesty is the key to getting to know yourself through your dreams.
To be brutally honest about what you think and feel. Because else you will make excuses and justifications for why you for example desire to be seen as a great person.

An awesome online course is the desteni I process, where you peel away the layers of yourself to see who you really are, and what controls this existince. So that we can start to live in harmony with each other, creating a better world for all of us, starting by self-change.

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