zondag 1 mei 2011

Sleep paralysis

this occurs when your ‘mind system’ within your human physical body still ‘sleeps’ – but you ‘wake up’ without the mind system and therefore cannot move.

Let me explain:

Human beings at the moment exist as follows: You as ‘who you are’ exist within and as the mind system – the mind system is a system that exist within and as the human physical body which human beings believe to be ‘who they are’ – when it is not. It is ‘you as who you are’ that is ‘generating’ / ‘powering’ the existence of this mind system through participating in thoughts/feelings and emotions – instead of existing here one and equal with and as the human physical body. Thus – human beings exist in separation with themselves, within themselves due to the mind system, thus at the moment you exist in ‘three parts’ which is your mind system, your human physical body and you within and as the mind system – thus, you as ‘who you are’ exist in separation of the human physical body – because you as ‘who you are’ exist within and as the mind system within the human physical body – instead of one and equal with and as the human physical body.


You as ‘who you are’ – that ‘part of you’ within the mind-system does not sleep, it is the mind system that ‘sleeps’ – and sleep paralysis occurs when you as ‘who you are’ ‘wake up’ within the mind system, while the mind system is still ‘asleep’ – and the mind system is integrated within and as the human physical body – the mind system at the moment ‘controls’ the human physical body because it’s completely integrated within it. And when you as ‘who you are’ – that which ‘powers/generates’ the mind system – ‘wakes up separately from the mind-system’, / ‘wakes up before the mind system does’ – this is what cause ‘sleep paralysis’.

Thus – we are here, assisting and supporting each one, so each one may assist and support themselves to stop participation in the mind-system – because it is in stopping participation in the mind-system that you no more ‘power and charge it’s existence’ – to realise who you really are within and as you – to stand one and equal as the human physical body as life and no more exist as a mind system in separation.

A suggestion would be to when sleep paralysis occurs – to stabilize you, meaning to not go into reactions/fears – but be aware of you here – as you assist and support you within this process in stopping participation in the mind and at the same time realising you as who you are – the sleep paralysis will eventually be no more.

For further perspective – here is a discussion on the Forum of the website with regards to sleep paralysis:

Question Quote:

‘Can you provide some perspective on what is "Sleep Paralysis"? Moments where you are close to get sleep or recently waking up and where you cannot move, breathing is difficult you cannot scream and you can see the room where your are sleeping ? I have had this symptoms for ever accompanied with interesting images of all sort of things when I reach this state as well as with projections outside of my body. I learnt from you there is no more demon. About 20 min. ago I experience this "sleep paralysis" again and so one little creature about 30 cm similar to a bat but uglier scratching in my window and attacking me in y forehead. Is this a mind projection? what should I be forgiving here?’

Perspective Quote:
‘I had these experiences about 24 years back--it at the time was quite a challenge--its like you are awake, but could not speak--I would turn in my body--but could not move the body--fascinating stuff
so--stabilize yourself when this happen--observe all images and fears--and do self honest forgiveness on it and then will yourself awake--this may continue till you have transcended the fears it is not uncommon--but most never speak of it--look--it is you waking--but the mind system still sleeping--quite cool to use this to really face yourself and realise that somehow--lolol--there are two in the body--you and your mind system--and only one is enough’

Read all about it on the Desteni forums

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