dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Forgetting - missing the train

Let's say you are near a railway station, where you have to take the train to get somewhere. You are doing multiple things and are distracted and time after time you miss the train for some reason.
This would show you that you are allowing distractions to divert you from your "route". That you are no longer directing yourself, but being directed and in that way "missing the train". We can easily get lost in distractions in our everyday life. So pinpoint your distraction, that divert your attention away from being here, or your stability.

For example:
Pretty images in magazines. May create either fantasies in your head, or desires, maybe even self-loathing and fear. Maybe a whole plan on how to look that way. It is your mind, which you use to judge yourself for not looking a certain way, or when you are a male, to go into sexual desires and projections of sexual intercourse.
It is not real, and it drags us away from what is here. It is also often used for people to ignore the reality of this world, the abuse, the inequality, and pre-occupy them with superficial things that trigger the emotions.
It is not real. It is only real for you when you allow it to influence you. Ask yourself why you desire to look that way, or why  you desire to be with such a lady. Why do you judge such a picture as better then your picture. Realize the cultural bias within it, and how different cultures have different beauty standards.
It does not serve you to judge yourself on your image - accept your human body and take care of it. Stop the judgment because it does you only harm.
Also this system is designed to distract people from the real truth. How the system allows and creates abuse and exploitation. (for info check out http://www.theatomdecides.blogspot.com/ ) . It keeps people busy to consume and work, to keep the system making profit and keep people from being to busy to really realize wtf is going on.

So look at what is distracting you in your life. What draws your attention, and if you allow yourself to follow the pop up thoughts and fantasies in your mind.
This can also apply to dreaming that you are going somewhere but you realize you forgot something.
Ask yourself what is it that you are forgetting and how do you experience yourself when realizing you forgot it? Does it trigger emotions within you? what does it do? For any help you can leave a comment and I will assist with the explanation.
This can also be part of the "distraction" point, because you may have been distracted with other things and therefore forgot something.
Very often dreaming about forgetting things is simply a sign that we need to slow down and start paying more attention to things.   It’s possible that you recently forgot something or almost forgot something and the frustration of that incident carried over into your dream.
Stop the frustration or the irritation or disappointment. See why it is triggered, what are the thoughts in your mind, the memories etc... that bring it out. Write it down, Forgive yourself and let go. If you go into emotional turmoil, stop the thoughts and breath slowly and aware.
Video on living self forgiveness:
Forgetting things isn’t a sign of losing your memory or even of getting old – most of the time it’s simply a sign that you’re too busy or that you aren’t paying as much attention. People of all ages forget, also small children. It is the motions and reactions that we have to deal with. Or the emotions and thoughts that has triggered it in the first place.  It may be part of a lazy habit we get in, for example at home. Or going on auto-pilot instead of being here in the moment, present, without "losing yourself" in your head.
If you are for example forgetting to feed your beloved pet
This shows you your worry that you are neglecting something or someone that you care about. Simply ask yourself if it is true or not. Look in your life, and if you are doing this for real. If so, write down the reasons and correct yourself.
If not, let go of the fear and guilt, write down for yourself why you think this and all the thoughts and memories that come up inside your mind - so that you can see the construct of it for yourself and can stop it.
Maybe you are also very busy and have a fear inside you that you will forget important things.
If you have a busy life, I suggest to make a list about the things that you definitely need to do in a day or a week, and put it on a spot where you see it often. So that way, no matter how busy you are, you can make sure what has to be done is done. Without getting stressed over it. use it as a practical help.

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